Why Partner with Alexa Alysse? 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a retailer of Alexa Alysse Eyewear. We are thrilled to partner with like-minded businesses who share our passion for luxury, sustainability, and exceptional eyewear.

As a retailer, you will have the opportunity to showcase our handcrafted, bespoke eyewear to your discerning clientele, providing them with a unique and exclusive spectacle experience. By offering Alexa Alysse Eyewear in your store, you can elevate your brand image and attract customers who appreciate the fusion of lavish style and refined elegance.

Why Partner with Alexa Alysse?

Unmatched Quality: Our luxury eyewear is meticulously sculpted from ethically acquired water buffalo horn, showcasing supreme design quality and craftsmanship that sets us apart.

Sustainable and Ethical Practices: Alexa Alysse is committed to sustainability, ensuring that our materials are sourced responsibly and that our production processes minimize waste. By joining forces with us, you align your business with environmentally conscious values.

Exclusive Artisanal Pieces: Each pair of glasses from Alexa Alysse Eyewear is a true work of art, handcrafted by skilled female artisans from India. These unique pieces exemplify the fusion of tradition and contemporary design.

Strong Brand Presence: Alexa Alysse Eyewear has established a strong brand presence, gaining recognition for our commitment to quality, sustainability, and empowering women artisans. As a retailer, you can leverage our brand reputation to enhance your own image in the market.

Customer Satisfaction: Our eyewear not only exudes style but also prioritizes comfort and precise fit. With Dr. Anika's background in ophthalmology, we ensure that our frames are designed to provide optimum comfort and maintain proper positioning of the eyes.

How to Become a Retailer:

  1. Complete the Application: Fill out the retailer application form available on our website. Provide us with the necessary information about your business, including your location, target audience, and any relevant details that would help us understand how our partnership can benefit both parties.
  2. Review and Approval: Our team will carefully review your application. We seek to partner with retailers who share our brand values and have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Upon approval, we will contact you to discuss the next steps.
  3. Product Selection: Once approved, you will have access to our exclusive collection of luxury eyewear. Select the frames that best align with your store's aesthetic and cater to your clientele's preferences.
  4. Training and Support: We are dedicated to supporting our retailers. You will receive comprehensive training materials and ongoing support to ensure a smooth and successful partnership. We are available to answer any questions and provide guidance whenever needed.
  5. Showcasing and Promotion: Display the exquisite Alexa Alysse Eyewear collection prominently in your store. Take advantage of our marketing materials and assets to effectively promote the brand to your customers. We are happy to collaborate on marketing initiatives to drive brand awareness and customer engagement.

Partner with us to bring the exceptional beauty and mindful elegance of Alexa Alysse Eyewear to your customers. Join our network of retailers who are committed to providing their clientele with luxurious, sustainable, and artisanal eyewear. Together, let's create a remarkable spectacle experience that leaves a lasting impression.

To begin the process of becoming a retailer, please email us [email protected] or call +1-229-304-3423 for the retailer application form. We look forward to the possibility of working together to redefine the world of eyewear.